Keith (geoffcapp) wrote,

Baby, the earth moved for me

So after 18 months on the West Coast, I finally got to ride the tectonic wave. Not one, not two, but three quakes within walking distance of my house this week, all in the 3.5-3.7 range. That's mild to light, no damage here, but definitely creepy and adrenaline-inducing.

Oddly, though I was in the neighborhood, I didn't feel the first one at all. The last two, however, were definitely notable. In fact, the middle one caused the lights to flicker while I was watching Dancer in the Dark, easily the most depressing, warm-bathtub-and-razorblades movie I have ever seen, or hope to see. No wonder Björk wanted to give up acting afterward.

Holiday parties tonight and most of the day tomorrow, then immediately back to work. Bizarrely, I should get some extra hours this week, even.
Tags: about, quake

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