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Brief update for the folks I don't talk to often enough:

I'm employed again, and have been for a couple weeks. This is a good job, even if it's only part time at the moment: plenty of room for growth at a tech-recruiting firm, doing their front-line research and general Office-fu. The boss is sufficiently impressed that we're already talking future opportunities, raises, etc. Good sign you're sticking around: they spend $200 on your new office chair and start asking what kind of laptop you want.

I'm pretty much settled into the new Oakland household, but for the furnishings, which I will grow as the paychecks roll. Meanwhile, most of my stuff still lives in boxes, aside from clothes, my altar, and books. Picked up a used Dell for free, which needs some serious inoculation and data-cleaning before being usable, as well as a desk under it.

Women...well, I'm not about to tell tales out of school in such a public forum (this is not a sex journal, no matter what you've heard, or seen), but I will say that my present life is the polar opposite of my old East Coast life in that regard as well. Which is not to imply that all is perfection, sweetness and light, either. It is nice, however, to have a completely new set of relationship problems to tackle, because frankly I was sick to fracking death of the old ones.

Which reminds me: I've become a hopeless Battlestar Galactica junkie via DVD. I figure if it's only one show, instead of the dozen or so I used to jones for, it's not really a vice. Thankfully, we have neither broadcast reception nor cable—not the the temptation is there much anymore anyway, but it seems prudent to consider myself "in recovery."

Questions? Answers? Would anyone care for a mint?
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