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My practice record is going group-only

If you're one of the people who has been following my practice record (posts titled "Anno iv13....") and you want to continue to do so, or if you haven't been but would like to, please reply to this post. I will be creating a custom permissions list for that thread so as not to weird out and/or bore too many others. If you've already expressed an interest, I will add you to that list myself, but if you don't see anything, post here to ask.

EDIT: If I added you and you didn't want me to, or if you ever want to be removed from the filter, post that here too. I'll add this to Memories for easy access.

All comments to this post will be screened, so if you're concerned about seeming weird for wanting to follow the weirdness, fear not. Weirdo. ;-P

"Gabba Gabba, one of us."
Tags: notices, record

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